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Quartz rod quartzRelease Time:2016-12-11

In the study of ceramics, the natural mineral materials of SiO2 are called quartz raw materials. Its main types are: quartz vein quartz, quartz sand, quartz sandstone, quartz rock (Gui Shi), quartz sand and gravel, etc.. We often use the quartz rod is a very common quartz products. So what are the common quartz raw materials?
Specializing in the production of quartz rod manufacturers, said one of China's main raw material is quartz vein. Mai Shiying (Vein? Quartz) white color, dense massive quartz, translucent, conchoidal fracture, oil sheen, because veinlike, it belongs to a kind of quartz, crystalline silica. It is a silica hot solution, which is separated from the magma after the magmatic period. It is formed by the condensation of the early formation of the rock cracks, and the content of SiO2 is between 97% and 99%. It is a good raw material for the production of ceramics for daily use, but because it is a massive, heated volume expansion is intense, usually need to pre calcined, crushed using processing. Quartz is made of high silica, high density silicon materials. Guangxi, Shandong, northern Jiangsu and other places of production of quartz vein.
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