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Principle of quartz tube heaterRelease Time:2016-12-11

SH far infrared quartz heating element using quartz tube with electrothermal materials, so that the original with far infrared radiation characteristics: good and reliable electricity, electric materials from the infrared and visible light in 97% was milky tube blocked by absorption so that the wall temperature rise of silicon oxygen bond of molecular vibration far infrared radiation, so that the 97% visible light and near infrared light can be turned into the far infrared radiation. And the effective power can be converted to far infrared. Product features:
SH far infrared quartz heating element is a milky white quartz tube infrared radiation source, no coating, no pollution, no harmful radiation, excellent chemical stability, high temperature resistance, no deformation shapes, long-term use, good thermal stability, can choose the heating temperature. Long term use of radiation performance does not degenerate. The service life is long, the structure is reasonable, the thermal inertia is very small, and the use is convenient. SH far infrared quartz heater is the only one in the country.