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Teach you a few strokes to identify the quality of quartz tubeRelease Time:2016-12-11

Quartz tube how to distinguish between good or bad?
A: smells very natural stone taste, smell the smell of defective quartz stone is produced in the process of adding the formaldehyde glue, the quartz tube is the environmental protection material production. The plate to produce formaldehyde flavor is very strong, the price can not be sold at a quartz tube election ah, endanger life!
Two: there are holes are not good quartz tube, the surface is not a pore.
Three: not obvious for a good product, splicing gap.
Four: scratches and obviously is not qualified, the key may be a pencil knife.
Five: this stone powder is unqualified, falling below 200 mesh sandpaper.
Six: there are open and collapse of the breach is not qualified, cut face up and down along the.