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The influence of the purity of quartz tubes and the rules for their useRelease Time:2016-12-11

The influence of the purity of quartz tubes and the rules for their use
The quartz tube in many experimental process is a kind of container indispensable, it can make our experiment convenient so effectively, is one of the more important a container for containing liquid.
Purity is an important index of quartz glass, is very important for the physicochemical function and function, such as loss of permeability, high temperature strength, softening point, light conduction, thermal stability, chemical stability, radiation resistance, fluorescence characteristics, quartz glass for the semiconductor industry, the purity of the request harsh.
Our production of quartz tubes can be used to directly indicate the seal liquid level in the container, has the advantages of simple structure, reliable, durable and so on, instruments are equipped with threaded joint on the valve, which are connected through the flange connector and the container, through the glass plate can be directly read liquid level height. Instruments are equipped with steel ball in the upper and lower valve, when the glass plate due to accident damage, the steel ball in the pressure container under the blocking channels, such that the container can be automatically sealed, can prevent the liquid in the container to drain.