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Large diameter quartz tube maintenance methodRelease Time:2016-12-11

Method for daily maintenance of large diameter quartz tube material:
Quartz, inorganic minerals, the main component is silicon dioxide, often contain a small amount of impurities such as Al2O3, CaO, MgO, etc., for translucent or opaque crystal, the general milky white, hard texture. Quartz is one of the main decorative materials in a large number of stone materials.
Quartz stone cleaning and maintenance methods: can be used to scrub with washing supplies. After the scrub can be used at home car wax or furniture wax coating on the surface to be dry after use dry cloth to rub back and forth, this will give the table a layer of protective film. Is the table of the seam place to pay special attention to if there are stains of recommendations in a timely manner to scrub, and give the focus here waxing, possible here waxing frequency can be high. If the family of quartz stone color and permeating our own bad clearing, can contact our factory professional home cleaning quartz powder.